Morten Toft is a speaker, coach, author, and changemaker with over 30 years of experience in teaching and training leaders and employees in innovation, change, leadership, and collaboration.

He has delivered more than 1000 lectures and courses both nationally and internationally.

As a speaker and communicator, he is engaging, humorous, and highly inspiring.

Morten is the author of four books, some of which are used for teaching purposes. For example, "Innovation recipe" is a required reading in several innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

His books include:

"To Be Perfectly Honest" - About authentic leadership 
"Innovation recipe" – a guide on creating a healthy innovation culture.
"Changemakers" – a young adult novel about change and making a difference.
"Fitting Together The Puzzle Of Your Life" – a book about dreams and goals in life.

Morten has previously worked as a marketing manager in a major Danish retail chain, and he has also founded the organization now known nationwide as Danske Hospitalklovne (Danish Hospital Clowns).

  • A specialist in innovation, co-creation and healthy corporate culture.
  • A facilitator, based on proactive planning, plays a crucial role in guiding and assisting groups or individuals in achieving their goals and objectives.
  • He enjoys exploring how to get the best from the past, present and future.
  • He challenges peoples’ potential, whether they work in groups or as individuals.
  • A Changemaker. He is passionate, driven and a social entreprenur.

Morten Toft (born on August 8, 1962) is an author, speaker,

coach, and Changemaker.

Morten Toft holds a degree in commerce and has served as a business manager and sales and marketing director at Photo experten, overseeing 146 stores in Denmark. For several years, he worked as a consultant in the advertising industry, including at GREY, until he gained recognition as an author with the book “The Puzzle of Your Life” in 1995, which focuses on dreams and goals in life. In 2001, he published the book “To Be Perfectly Honest” by Aschehoug’s publishing house. The book is about authentic leadership, both in personal and professional life. In 2006, together with Ole Vestergaard Poulsen, he published the book “The Recipe for Innovation” by Politikkens forlag. The book deals with methods and processes in modern innovation management, drawing on experiences from LEGO’s innovation teams, among others.

The character "Doctor Toft" (Innovation Doctor) conducts, among other things, lectures and workshops. In the photo, he is giving a presentation to the Danfoss board and management. He delivers his content with a combination of seriousness and entertainment.

In 2020, he co-authored the book “Changemakers” with Rachel Rounsfield (UK). The book emphasizes the importance of striving to make a positive difference in your life and inspiring others to do the same.

Morten Toft is the initiator of the idea behind starting the Danish Hospital Clowns. Following an inspirational stay in the USA at the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia with its creator Patch Adams, Morten Toft brought together a group of enterprising individuals who later became known as the Danish Hospital Clowns organization.

Morten Toft is a speaker with themes centered around positive thinking and how strengthening the subconscious can contribute to achieving one’s goals. He uses humor and costumes to illustrate his points about not taking oneself too seriously, emphasizing the importance of relaxation, openness, and seeing opportunities.

See small film from Mortens first workshop (from 2001) in England for 100 CEOs from private and public companies.As you can see, Morten love making an innovative, serious and fun presentation, surprising in a good way, creating active involvement of the participants, stimulating the senses and the ability to use the imagination: LINK TO FILM

From 2000 to 2008, Morten was part of the extensive engagement project“The Butterfly Project”in Peterborough, England, where several thousand young people were empowered in personal development and simultaneously involved in the city’s challenges. The project aimed to create co-ownership and shared responsibility.

Morten Toft and Rachel Rouncefield have initiated a global project called Changemakers, initially in Denmark and England. The goal is to create life stories and take young people on an ongoing educational journey that influences and lives on through multiple generations. CHANGEMAKER is a unique method that enhances the well-being of young people and equips them to collectively address their own lives and challenges in their local communities. It is an educational journey that transforms them into Changemakers.

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For many years, Morten Toft has been an inspiration and facilitator in innovation processes for some of the largest Danish companies, such as Grundfos and Danfoss. Morten Toft has been involved in the creation of theMAD House Denmark Innovation Centerin Middelfart, which is supported by Middelfart Savings Bank.

For years, Morten Toft has collaborated with the Aarhus-based musician Søren Eppler, who supports lectures and creative team processes.


  • Sales and marketing manager for 145 stores in Denmark. With focus on sales growth, creater of an ambassador concept, responsible for fairs and acquiring new contacts & customers.

  • Employed as a customer consultant , at one of the world's largest advertising agencies GRAY.

  • A specialist in innovation, co-creation and healthy corporate culture.Innovation facilitator for international companies such as Danfoss and Grundfos.

  • Door opener to top CEO`s and decisionmakers - also to some of the world's most influential, including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and others.

  • Facilitator in many Co-creation projects in Denmark and abroad. Involvement of the target group and other important stakeholders.

  • He is the author of 4 books, several of which are used for teaching, i.a. The "Innovation Recipe” is written together with Ole Vestergaard Poulsen and is the fixed syllabus for several educations within innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • He is a coach and mental trainer with extraordinary results. Enjoys exploring how to get the best from the past, present and future. Challenges peoples’ potential, whether they work in groups or as individuals.

  • He has held more than 1000 lectures.

Just an option: If you desire a different presentation of Morten's messages, various characters can be incorporated as needed. These characters help create an element of surprise, where something unexpected occurs. Simultaneously, there will still be a blend of seriousness and humor.

Here you can meet four of them: Mr. Rich, The Innovation Doctor, Clown Toft, and Kaleo Aloha: LINK TO FILM

    Does your business…

  • Products that differ significantly from others on the market? Now and in the future?

  • Services that differ significantly from others on the market and is future-proofed?

  • Sales and Marketing initiatives that differ markedly and honestly from others on the market?

  • A company where customers experience their needs are met optimally every time and say "Wow" to the experience. Where the customers are ambassadors and warmly recommend friends, networks and family to do business with us?

  • A company where the employees say "Wow" - i.e. feel really comfortable and have the opportunity to exploit their full potential and want to do it? Where the employees are ambassadors and warmly recommend friends, networks and family to buy the company's offer?

  • A company that everyone trusts because it has control over all business procedures and processes, and is always ready to make them better?

  • A clear and understandable vision and idea for what the company/department should look like in 2-3 years?

      If you have not answered YES to all of these questions is there still room for innovation  and development! 

Lectures, workshops, webinars:

Add more value and strengthen your competitiveness

​- How to generate up to 7 times greater sales through Co-Creation.

- How to establish a healthy innovation culture by involving the company's key stakeholders.

- How to create credible unique selling points (USPs) - that differentiate you from others in the market.

Morten focuses on the ability to create added value, such as increased sales, improved bottom line, enhanced quality, greater efficiency, customer or employee satisfaction, and much more.

It's about NOT putting oneself on a pedestal and believing one is untouchable. Even if you hold a leadership position now, it can change VERY quickly if your innovative muscles and cells have become weak and sluggish.

Co-creation = Those who excel at involving their key stakeholders, including customers, potential new customers, and employees, in development (both ongoing and new), sell up to 7 times more than those who don't. They also achieve increased satisfaction. Deep and broad involvement throughout the entire process, from the ideation phase to successful implementation, is crucial. Investing time in creating co-ownership and shared responsibility (ambassadors) pays off.

Morten concludes the session with a sneak peek into "Morten's time machine." A journey into the future where participants will need to utilize their most crucial skill: imagination and the ability to envision, which is a significant part of creative power. In the time machine, you can travel to five different insight stations. However, our focus will be on taking a brief trip into the appealing future.

Based on the book INNOVATIONS RECIPE

Creating added value is a central factor for individual, organizational, and societal progress. Here are some reasons why it is important to create added value:

Customer Satisfaction: Added value often refers to the extra benefits, products, or services that go beyond their basic function. When companies focus on creating added value for their customers, they increase customer satisfaction. This can lead to increased loyalty and repeat purchases.

Competitive Advantage: Companies that can offer added value beyond the ordinary can gain a competitive advantage in the market. This makes it harder for competitors to copy or replace their offerings.

Branding and Reputation: Added value is often linked to an organization's reputation. Companies known for delivering high quality and added value build a positive brand identity and attract more customers.

Long-Term Customer Relationships: When customers experience added value, they are more likely to build long-lasting relationships with the company. This leads to stable revenue over time and reduces the need to constantly attract new customers.

Innovation: Striving to create added value can stimulate innovation and creativity within the company. It encourages the development of new products, services, and solutions that can meet both stated and unstated customer needs.

Employee Engagement: Added value applies not only to customers but also to employees. When employees see how their work contributes to creating added value for customers or society, they feel a greater sense of purpose and engagement in their work.

Social Responsibility: Offering products and services that create added value can have a positive impact on society as a whole. This may involve sustainability initiatives, support for local communities, or the creation of products that improve the quality of life.

Building Trust: Added value contributes to building trust between a company and its stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees, and society. Trust is a fundamental factor in sustaining long-term success.

Economic Growth: Creating added value can lead to increased demand for products and services, which in turn can contribute to economic growth and development.

Personal Satisfaction: For individuals working to create added value, this can lead to a deep sense of personal satisfaction. Knowing that one's efforts make a positive difference for others can be a powerful motivator.

Overall, creating added value is a crucial component of achieving success on many levels – from individual to organizational and societal. It is an approach that goes beyond merely meeting basic needs and strives to exceed expectations to make a positive impact.

To Be Perfectly Honest - Authentic leadership

It's about being a healthy role model and embodying one's character as a human being – both in private life and as an employee, leader, or CEO.

It revolves around the ability to live out one's values, be authentic, and leave genuine and credible footprints. Something that isn't always easy in practice. The author believes that we increasingly need to focus on our core values and become more conscious of what they fundamentally mean to us. As a result, our dreams and goals will be realized through the driving force of these values – with more flow and synchronicity. Based on my book “To Be Perfectly Honest”.

Authentic leadership is important for several reasons, as it can have a positive impact on both leaders and organizations. Here are some of the key reasons why authentic leadership is significant:


Trust and Credibility: Authentic leaders act in accordance with their values and principles. This creates trust and credibility among employees, as they see their leaders as reliable and honest, which is crucial for a positive work environment and collaboration.


Employee Engagement: Authentic leaders tend to understand and appreciate their employees' needs and ambitions. This leads to increased employee engagement, as employees feel valued and motivated to give their best effort.


Open Communication: Authentic leaders are open to listening and communicating honestly with their employees. This creates an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and concerns.


Inspirational Leadership: Authentic leaders serve as role models for their employees. Their personal integrity and dedication inspire others to follow their example and strive to reach their full potential.


Flexibility and Adaptability: Authentic leaders are more likely to show flexibility and adaptability in their approach to problem-solving and decision-making. This creates a more agile organization that can better handle changes and challenges.


Conflict Reduction: By being authentic and transparent about their values and decision-making rationale, leaders can reduce misunderstandings and conflicts that may arise due to lack of clarity.


Long-Term Growth: Authentic leadership promotes a culture based on honesty and integrity. This can contribute to creating an organization that focuses on sustainable growth and long-term success.


Talent Recruitment and Retention: Authentic leaders often attract talented employees who seek a workplace where they can work under inspiring and respectful leaders. Additionally, authentic leadership can help retain skilled employees in the organization.


Overall, authentic leadership fosters an environment of trust, transparency, and mutual respect. It encourages collaboration, employee satisfaction, and the organization's ability to adapt to changing circumstances, ultimately leading to long-term success and growth.

Fitting Together The Puzzle Of Your Life

The quest for purpose, meaning, and fulfilling your dreams and goals. Here, you'll be both inspired and challenged in relation to your personal development. Create an adventurous life filled with joy, health, and personal strength. The hidden forces of the subconscious affect all of us, both positively and negatively, but not everyone is aware of this. Based on the book “Fitting Together The Puzzle Of Your Life”.

The pursuit of purpose, meaning, and the fulfillment of your dreams and goals is essential for personal development, satisfaction, and overall quality of life. Here are some reasons why engaging in this pursuit is important:


Personal Fulfillment: Pursuing your dreams and goals provides a sense of personal fulfillment. When you work towards something that means a lot to you, you experience deep satisfaction when you achieve it. This contributes to your overall well-being and happiness.


Motivation and Direction: Having a purpose or dream to strive for gives you motivation and direction in life. It gives you a reason to work hard, overcome challenges, and persevere when things get tough.


Self-Discovery: In the pursuit of purpose and fulfillment, you learn more about yourself. You discover your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and values. This self-discovery can help you make more informed decisions and shape your identity.


Sense of Control: Pursuing your dreams gives you a sense of control over your own life. You are not just a passive participant; you actively take the reins and shape your own destiny.


Self-Development: The path to fulfilling your goals and dreams is often filled with challenges and opportunities for personal growth. You learn to handle adversity, develop problem-solving skills, and expand your abilities, leading to ongoing self-development.


Inspiration for Others: When you pursue your dreams and achieve your goals, you can inspire others around you to do the same. Your example shows that it's possible to overcome obstacles and create positive change.


Creation of Meaning: Having a purpose and working towards it gives depth and meaning to your life. It provides something to strive for, something greater than yourself, that can give your life a sense of significance.


Life Experiences: Along the journey of pursuing purpose and fulfillment, you will encounter a range of experiences, both good and bad. These experiences contribute to your personal development and provide invaluable life lessons.


Prioritization: Pursuing your dreams and goals can help you identify what truly matters to you. This can assist you in focusing your resources on the things that are most meaningful to you.


Legacy Building: When you work on something larger than yourself, you create a legacy. Your contributions can continue to influence and inspire future generations.


Ultimately, the pursuit of purpose, meaning, and the fulfillment of dreams and goals is a source of personal satisfaction, growth, and a deeper connection to life as a whole. It provides a framework for creating a meaningful and satisfying existence.


What you focus on will expand; what you measure will grow; and what you recognize and reward will flourish

Embark on a journey through the Timemachine to explore your present, past, and future, enabling you to harness your potential and reshape your organization. This endeavor is founded upon the principle that "What you focus on will expand."

  1. Gain diverse perspectives of your PRESENT situation.
  2. Revisit past triumphs to decipher underlying patterns.
  3. Examine past missteps, extracting valuable lessons and pinpointing areas for potential enhancement.
  4. Confront any apprehensions regarding the FUTURE. Convert concerns into actionable and constructive insights, facilitating open discussion and resolution.
  5. Voyage into the FUTURE, envisioning the most ambitious and optimal scenarios. Along this temporal voyage, pause at four distinct intervals: one, two, five, or ten years from now – the choice is yours. At each juncture, scrutinize various aspects: the evolution of your business, emergence of new markets or target demographics, strategies to adapt to market shifts, assessment of competitors and appropriate countermeasures, and exploration of innovative products, services, or concepts.

The theory of "What you focus on, grows" is a fundamental idea within positive psychology and personal development. This theory argues that your attention and focus have a direct impact on your experience and outcomes in life. Here are some key points that illustrate why this theory is considered important:

The Power of Thought: Thoughts have a strong influence on our emotions and behaviors. If you constantly focus on negative or limiting thoughts, it can lead to negativity and decreased self-esteem. Conversely, a positive attitude and a focus on the positive can lead to increased self-confidence and well-being.


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: When you focus on a particular idea or expectation, it can affect your behavior and decisions in line with that idea. This can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy, where your behavior actually leads to the experience or outcome you expected.


Neuroplasticity: Research in neuroscience has shown that the brain is capable of changing and adapting based on our thought habits and focus. If you repeatedly focus on certain thoughts or patterns, the brain can change to support those patterns, affecting your behavior and attitudes.


Self-Awareness and Discovery: Being aware of what you are focusing on allows you to discover and explore your own thoughts and reactions. This can lead to personal growth and development as you learn more about yourself and how to work with your reactions and attitudes.


Creating Opportunities: When you focus on opportunities, solutions, and positive aspects of situations, you are more likely to discover and seize opportunities that arise. This can lead to an increase in creativity and innovation.


Relationships and Communication: Your attention to what you are focusing on can also affect your relationships with others. If you focus on understanding others' viewpoints and being aware of their emotions, this can lead to better communication and stronger connections.


In summary, the theory of "What you focus on, grows" emphasizes the importance of choosing our thoughts and focus carefully to have a positive impact on our emotions, behaviors, and outcomes in life. By being aware of what we are focusing on, we can work to create a more positive and meaningful life.


Some clients says:

“He makes you seriously reflect on your own ambitions as a leader. He provides you with the tools for change and creating new habits. He also explains you the methods needed to keep innovating as well as reflect on processes. Morten is a brilliant process manager. He ‘nudges’ you into processes of change, but with a high emphasis on co-creation. If you want lots of motivation, involvement and success, I highly recommend Morten. He will give you a colourful dose of energy and ambitious goals that will leave you flying! Enjoy the journey.”

- Theresa Blegvad, CEO of Insights Nordic


“At Danfoss we need to be ‘cutting edge’ when it comes to technology. But we also need to have the best personal skills, not just be good at working hi-tech equipment. In other words we need to train ‘soft’ skills, not just ‘hardware’ skills. Morten has really started a valuable process for many of our staff, and in so doing has done a great deal for Danfoss. It’s very powerful stuff!”

- Lars Thomsen, HR Consultant, Danfoss A/S


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Morten on a strategic project. The goal was to develop an Innovation Task Force Team at the Grundfos Technology Centre. The purpose with the project was to create a team, that would be able to facilitate teams and departments, helping them be more innovative. During the development phase, Morten was assigned the Innovation Task Force as a facilitator. He helped spark creativity and ensured a successful implementation of the project. He continued to ‘challenge’ the project group by setting up obstacles, thus ensuring a highly ambitious result.

- Leif Gram Nielsen, Senior Innovator, GRUNDFOS A/S

“It is not often in life that you get the opportunity to experience in just a few hours the chance to make a step change in the way you live the rest of your life. Morten will encourage you to dare to be different, he encourages those around him to have the vision to want to think in a different way which will impact not just on time at work but will ripple across into all facets of your life. Meeting Morten has been one of those moments that I and my collegues will also remember and treasure so if you want to move from living to living significantly, this is the man for you”.

- Karen Beckwith Deputy Head of Business Development Learning + Skills Council (Cambridgeshire)


“There was a very positive acceptance of his material, to the point where a number of organisations took up the offer of working with him to look at their own philosophies and how they worked and dealt with staff. Morten performed as only he can and in his unique style - delivering his ‘authentic’ message. There were a number of truly spectacular outcomes. It was specifically an opportunity to take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday work, and in a very structured way to review the true priorities of the Learning Partnership, what individuals’ beliefs and values were – and how they fitted into the tasks ahead.

I still network with those people and they continue to talk about how much it helped them to become more effective and efficient in their roles. It also made people feel more fulfilled and less stressed. They now try to instill the same sense of enjoyment and fun-through-work in those they manage. Another talent Morten has is that of inspiration. He is a role model or champion who 'walks the talk' and motivates and empowers others to do the same”

- Roy Brown, Executive Officer, Peterborough Learning Partnership.